Dubai Climate Information

The typical Dubai climate is sunny throughout the year. It is hot and humid for the major part of the year.

In Dubai you will hardly get any rainfall with the exception of a few scanty and irregular showers especially during the winter months. The winters are considerably mild.

You may find a few surprising variations on rare occasions like the occurrence of fog or storms.

Dubai climate – Rainfall

As mentioned already you can witness rainfall in Dubai generally during the winter season. However, sometimes there is some amount of precipitation in the summer months as well.

This is quite unusual but the rainfall may be essential as it has a cooling effect during the sweltering summer season. Most of the rainfall is seen in the area between Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

Dubai climate - Air currents

You will notice that the central Saudi Arabia is a high-pressure zone while in the eastern Gulf the atmospheric pressure is comparatively lower. The mild north-westerly breeze more popularly known as “shamal” is prevalent. On the coastal plain in the west you will encounter south-south-easterly winds at night while during the day you will encounter north-westerlies.

The coastal plain in the east is close to the hilly region thereby having rough and erratic winds. A sudden change from the northerly to the southerly wind may bring about squalls, thundering and sandstorms. The pressure changes in the Gulf and the low-pressure area from Sahara to China together create the climate in UAE and thereby the Dubai climate.

The Bedouin tribes believed that the variations of the Dubai climate affected mortality. The different winds were assigned different names and were said to possess distinct features. The major stormy phase was called “Al-Barih al-owd” while the minor was called “Al-Barih al-sagheer.” “Al-Haffar” was the first north-westerly wind that occurred in May. “Barih Thorayya” was the next one, at the beginning of June. “Al-Dabaran” was the last one occurring towards the end of June.

Summers are hot and temperature can be close to 50 degrees centigrade. However, you will find the nights comparatively more comfortable. You can enjoy milder and more pleasant summers on the coastal regions.

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