The Dubai City - A City of Great Delight

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The stunning sea beaches, the lavish resorts, the paramount of shopping experience and the flavor of tradition have all made Dubai city the ultimate haven for delightful living for citizens and travelers alike.

The stunning sea beaches, the lavish resorts, the paramount of shopping experience and the flavor of tradition have all made Dubai city the ultimate haven for delightful living for citizens and travelers alike.

Dubai is perhaps one of the most sought after cities in terms of commerce, tourism and even residency.

This former desert city is developing at par with its other modern counterparts. Despite retaining its culture and tradition, you will see, Dubai has lived up to the growing demands of the contemporary world.

You can see it in the development of the various sources of entertainment in Dubai city. Be it an ice skating rink, a golf course, a horse racecourse, shopping malls or pubs and nightclubs, you will find it all.

History of Dubai - The Dubai history tells you about its initial existence as a civilization that depended mainly on fishing.

Dubai Airport has risen to great heights and is suitable to be ranked among the best airports. Dubai Airport as the best airport in Middle East and Africa in a survey that was conducted for the yet.

Dubai Attractions - It is one of the tourist destinations that offer you a rare combination of the conventional and the contemporary.

Dubai City Tours unfold before you a huge treasury of the world’s best sites and attractions. Popular Dubai City Tours are Dhow Cruise, Desert Safari, The Big Bus, Wonder Bus, Wild Wadi and more.

Dubai Currency - The Value of Dubai Currency - As you may already know that the standard of living in Dubai is quite high.

Dubai Culture - The national religion of Dubai is Islam. Hence, most of the Dubai culture has been derived from the Islam.

Living in Dubai You may find the cost of living in Dubai extremely high. However, it must be borne in mind that the average standard of living in Dubai is also quite high.

Food in Dubai - Whatever your taste you are sure to find the food of your choice in the Dubai City...

Dubai Life has become an alluring proposition for many people. There are many reasons that make Dubai life attractive for people to immigrate here to work and live.

Dubai Economy - The Dubai economy, a segment of the larger UAE economy, is open to external trade and commerce. Dubai economy depends mainly on its natural resource of oil, especially petroleum, gas and tourism.

Dubai Visa - If you want to embark on a tour to Dubai city you need to get yourself a Dubai Visa for entering the city.

Dubai Government - You may know that the Dubai government does not function on the policy of democracy, political parties and election.

Dubai International Airport - Tourism is an intricate part of the Dubai economy. The Dubai International Airport is a vital means that aids in making it so.

Dubai Beaches - Beautiful sun, sand and water - that is what constitutes holidays in Dubai beaches.

Dubai Climate - The typical Dubai climate is sunny throughout the year. The Bedouin tribes believed that the variations of the Dubai climate affected mortality.

Dubai Nightlife can indeed be full of fun and excitement. However, you need to have a sound knowledge about Dubai nightlife activities that you can participate in as well as the rules and regulations...

Travel to Dubai You can travel to Dubai from any corner of the earth with the help of the flights that will reach you to the famous Dubai International Airport.

Weather in Dubai Makes it a Land of Sunshine and Warmth. Located in the desert region, the weather in Dubai, comprised of rising mercury levels, high humidity, bright sunny days and meager rainfal..

Dubai Tourism - Over the years Dubai tourism has become one of the major segments of Dubai’s economy.

Dubai Events - Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Besides its beautiful locale, Dubai events make the city more alluring.

Dubai Gold Market - You may not have a weakness for gold jewelry but a visit to Dubai Gold Market will make you buy at least a small gold trinket.

Dubai Weather - You can easily examine of the Dubai weather if you divide the year into phases.

Dubai Gold Souk - As you step into the Dubai Gold Souk you will feel you have entered a fairyland made of pure gold. Read more...

Dubai Lifestyle - If you are looking for a whole lot of fun and all the conveniences life can offer, Dubai lifestyle will make your perfect choice.

Dubai Nightclubs - Dubai Government has invested an immense amount in developing the tourism in Dubai. With this the Dubai nightclubs have also entered a booming phase.

Dubai Real Estate holds a lot of attraction for most people. Dubai is definitely a nice place where you would want to own some Dubai Real Estate or take on lease or rent.

Dubai Short Break - The weekend may seem too short a time to completely experience the exotic charm of Dubai.

Dubai Ski Resort is indeed beyond a person’s imagination to find a ski resort in a desert. Dubai Ski Resort is a new phenomenon that has been yet another attempt to keeping...

The Dubai Shopping is an annual event that found its origin on 15th February in the year 1996. Initially Dubai Shopping Festival was designed to boost up consumerism but later it went on to

Jumeirah Dubai - Whether you are fun loving, religious or of a more contemplative nature, you are sure to have your share of a perfect visit to Jumeirah in Dubai.

Location of Dubai - Dubai boasts of an extremely advantageous location on the globe that has helped Dubai to flourish economically to a great extent.

Dubai Internet City was instituted in 2000 and within a short time span of only 6 years it has been able to develop a manifold. Dubai Internet City is said to be the biggest commercial IP Telephony

Dubai Media City is the perfect place for media to flourish. You can conveniently set up and run your business in Dubai Media City irrespective of whether you own a small company or as a freelancer.

Dubai Duty Free - Besides the various malls and souks, a thing that confirms the fact is the Dubai Duty Free, a.k.a. DDF.

Dubai Sports City is a dream project that is taking shape. With the completion of Dubai sports city and for that matter the world, will witness a unique self-sufficient sports locale.

The Dubai Healthcare City (DHC) will cater to the needs of services of clinical nature and related to physical and mental wellness.

Dubai Knowledge Village is one among the various developments that Dubai has accomplished. The Dubai Knowledge Village provides for an entire community for education to develop and flourish.

Resident Visa in Dubai - There are various rules and regulations that must be adhered to when applying for a resident visa in Dubai and also while possessing one.

Where is Dubai - If this is the question you have been pondering over for some time then you need to find out it's exact location. Read Where is Dubai article to know Dubai's location.

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