Dubai Beaches - A Popular Dubai Attraction

Beautiful sun, sand and water - that is what constitutes holidays in Dubai beaches. Dubai has a strange and unique combination of deserts and beaches.

Like its deserts its coastal areas are also attractive and full of fun. The blend of the sand, sea and the sun can be exhilarating and intoxicating.

Take a trip to the exotic seashore in Dubai and you will what I exactly mean.

Dubai Beaches: Where and what?

The beach is a single stretch fragmented by clubs and hotels. The major stretch is along Jumeira Road and is known as the Jumeira beach. There is another beach at Al Mamzar Park in Deira Dubai.

The sand on these Dubai beaches and soft and white and the inviting shallow waters of the Arabian Sea are warm and turquoise. You will notice that the beachside is generally flocked by people during the mild and pleasant winter months, especially in January. The majority of these people you will see are Europeans and Russian. In fact you will be surprised to find Russian signs along the coast.

The seaside is generally more crowded on weekends (Thursdays and Fridays in Dubai) and parking may be a problem. You can also easily avail of the taxis to reach the coastal area, as they are cheap and you can avoid parking hassles.

Buses are an alternative but are not very dependable. You may have to pay a few Dirhams at certain beaches in Dubai City, like the palm studded Jumeira Beach Park Two, while some other may be free.

Dubai Beaches Attractions

At the Dubai seashore you are likely to find several added attractions like family picnic spots, eateries, playgrounds, areas for barbeque, skiing, surfing, etc. You will find that all these make the beach more sought after.

Most of the coastal areas in Dubai are lined with palm trees and hence impart a picturesque look to the scenario. You may be able to find green parks along these areas too. The shoreline is dotted with resorts and hotels that not only provide with luxuriously accommodations but also serve as landmarks.

Dubai Beaches Surfing

Surfing is one of the major attractions of the Dubai beaches. The sea is perfect for beginners due to the small waves that may rise to a height of maximum 8 feet.

The sea is also safe, as there are no threatening sea creatures there. However, surfing pros may find the sea quite unchallenging and disappointing. Winter season is the best time to surf there.


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