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Dubai is one of the tourist destinations that offer you a rare combination of the conventional and the contemporary. Dubai attractions can make Dubai an unforgettable experience your life. Be it the archaic museums or the modern amusement parks all the attractions have their own way of painting an indelible picture on your mind.


tourist Attractions in Dubai This is one of the oldest districts of Dubai with its traditional wind towers that had the effect of modern air-conditioners.

Situated in Bur Dubai, with its narrow lanes, it attracts a lot of tourists, as it exuberates the ancient and historical feel of Dubai.

Grand Mosque

Attractions in Dubai Besides touching you with divinity, this old mosque has a 70 meters minaret that is supposed to be the tallest in Dubai.

It is huge and can house around 1200 devotees. It has multiple domes that not only make it look impressive but also makes it a major landmark in the city.

Dubai Creek

Attractions in Dubai This creek divides Dubai city, from its centre, into Bur Dubai and Deira. You can take a water taxi or abra or go on the famous Dhow Cruise that takes you along the creek in order to experience the charm of this beautiful city. There are a numbers of dhows carrying cargo that you can see at the docks. Click here to read more about Dubai Creek...

Dubai Museum

Attractions in Dubai You will see that the Dubai museum, situated in the Al Fahidi fort, preserves antique objects of Dubai.

Dubai museum was renovated in 1970 for use as a museum; further restoration and the addition of galleries was completed in 1995.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Dubai Attractions Besides organizing conferences and holding various offices, the Dubai World Trade Centre is also a venue that organizes several exhibitions round the year.

Rising 39 floors above the city, the Dubai World Trade Centre’s office tower houses the regional headquarters of many of the world’s largest corporations.

Desert Safari

Dubai Attractions You cannot complete your holidays in Dubai without going for the Desert Safari.

Experience the magic of the desert with dune driving, sand skiing, wadi bashing, Bedouin tents, barbeques and a lot more. Click here to read more about Dubai Desert Safari...

Sheikh Saeed's House

Dubai Attractions Dating from the late 1800s, Sheikh Saeed’s House was built in a commanding position near the sea so the Ruler could observe shipping activity from its balconies.

With its windtowers and layers of rooms built around a central courtyard, it is a fine example of regional architecture.

Souks - Dubai Attractions

Dubai Attractions Holidays in Dubai offer you shopping at its best. At the conventional souks with narrow lanes like the Gold Souk... ...you will find things like jewelry, carpet, spices, perfumes, traditional pots, etc. You will find modern malls as well but nothing can out beat the souks.


Among the other Dubai attractions that you should not miss are Wild Wadi, Ski Dubai, rides on the Big Bus and Wonder Bus or even a visit to the neighboring emirates.

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