Dubai Airport - A Great Place to Land

Dubai Airport

The Dubai Airport has risen to great heights and is suitable to be ranked among the best airports. The modern facilities and the high quality service has lead Business Traveler Magazine to vote Dubai Airport as the best airport in Middle East and Africa in a survey that was conducted for the year 2005.

Airport Arrivals

Most flights arrive at Terminal 1 while flights from Iran and CIS countries use Terminal 2 and the VIP flights use the Al Majlis terminal. Special desks are assigned at the Dubai International Airport arrival for visa services and passport control.

You can avail of the excellent baggage checking in service. You need to complete the custom formalities, if any. You can hire cars, get public transports, use the lounge or use the tourist kiosk at the arrivals hall.

Airport Departure

The terminals used for arrival are also used for departure. The departures hall boasts of 221 desks for checking in. There is a special check-in facility for you if you belong to the Emirates First and Business Class.

The Dubai airport uses a technologically advanced electronic mechanism for passenger clearance. You can get transport plying to and from the airport around the clock. The payment, ticketing, registration, etc. that you find here are services of a high quality.

Airport Transit

Dubai offers a state-of-art transit at its airport. There are 5 desks for transfer in the Sheikh Rashid Terminal. The Dubai International Hotel offers five star treatments for you with more than 80 well-furnished rooms and suites.

The cost of the rooms depends on the time slot for which you will use the room. The Dubai International Airport has excellent system for communication, a conference room, five meeting rooms, 8 workstations and support system for office services.

You can also find provisions for a health centre, banking, arrangements for business, a special lounging area for women and children, dining options, Internet facilities, shopping options, medical facilities, a prayer room, postal service and exclusive arrangements for passengers with special needs like electric carts.

You can also use the different special lounges like Business Class Lounge, Airline Lounges, First Class Lounge, Quiet Lounges, lounges meant for special needs people, etc.

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