Construction Jobs in Dubai

How to get the Construction Dubai Job?

Pave the Way to a New Future with Construction Jobs in Dubai City

One industry that will never run out of employment opportunities is the construction industry. Irrespective of the economy or the geographical location, people employed in the construction sector have possibility of finding jobs than others.

Dubai happens to be one of the hot destinations for construction industry workers since there are a variety of new buildings, hotels, or office buildings coming up frequently.

What are the job opportunities in the construction sector?

Construction jobs in Dubai offer opportunities for:

  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Concrete work consultants
  • Project foremen
  • Carpenters
  • Bricklayers
  • Ceiling fixers
  • Joiners
  • Welders

If you consider the worldwide construction industry, then the largest chunk lies in Dubai. The highest number of construction sites lies in Dubai. With a rising economy, once again, investors from all over the world are investing in construction projects. The government has also begun working on a number of projects to sustain and support the booming economy.

What are the most popular projects currently running in Dubai?

These include:

  • Infrastructure for state like airports, etc
  • Office complex
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Leisure centers
  • Residential apartments
  • Shopping malls

If you are keen on getting a Dubai construction job, then you must know that the two main categories of jobs associated with construction jobs in Dubai are onsite jobs and offsite jobs. Onsite jobs are field jobs where the engineer or the worker is present at the location of the project. In offsite jobs, the worker may be at some other location and primarily working through the web. These people may be accountants or general managers, or people associated with other branches of the main office in Dubai.

Since it is extremely hot during the summer months, most of the work is done in two shifts. The first shift starts early morning and gets over by 10am when it begins to warm up. The next shift starts at 5 pm when it is gradually cooling down and carries on till late evening.

Where to look for jobs?

Since it is a lucrative industry the demand for construction jobs in Dubai is high. These are a few options where you can look for Dubai jobs too:

  • Internet – There are plenty of job sites that offer details about construction jobs in Dubai. Once your search page has displayed all the options, you can scan it for jobs as per your qualifications. Then note down the contact details and make a call before you fax or mail your CV to the prospective employers.
  • Yellow pages – The Dubai yellow pages are accessible over the web. You may log in and look for your desired job. Once you have scrutinized the list further, you can apply for the ones you like.

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