City of Dubai, The

Ultimate Definition of Magnificence

The United Arabs Emirates consists of seven emirates and City of Dubai is one of them. Dubai also refers to the main city of UAE that often known as the Dubai City. Dubai ranks second, after Abu Dhabi, among the emirates in terms of its size. The city of Dubai is the most densely populated emirate.

Unlike the other emirates Dubai’s economy depends on the Jebel Ali Free Zone and also on tourism.

History of Dubai City

You can trace back the history of Dubai to the year 1799. Till the 1833 the Bani Yas tribe depended on the Abu Dhabi settlement after which they conquered Dubai. In the year 1820 Dubai sheikh signed the “General Maritime Treaty” that was sponsored by the British.

Later in 1835 Dubai signed a truce with Britain and after about twenty years they signed the “Perpetual Maritime Truce”. The city finally became completely independent in 1971. Its present ruler is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Entertainment in Dubai

As you already know that the Dubai economy is depending more and more on tourism. Hence the city provides well for tourist attractions and entertainment options.

The Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises are two important events here. Besides, the excellent malls and souks, water theme parks like the Wild Wadi and the Wonderland, skiing, outstanding nightclubs, splendid beaches and many other upcoming projects will provide you with entertainment at its best.

You can also enjoy sports events like the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament, Rugby Sevens, Dubai World Cup, Dubai Tennis Championships, several horse and camel races, etc. The Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, a ride on the Wonder Bus or the Big Bus, etc. may be your other sources of entertainment here.

Art and Culture of Dubai City

The city of Dubai is rich in culture and heritage. Further attempts are being made to increase its cultural worth in the form of the likes of Dubai Cultural Village that will consist of libraries, art academics, book shops, art museums, centers for performing arts, etc.

The partially underwater hotel Hydropolis has a stage for performing arts. Then you will also find the Madinat Theatre, Dubai Pearl’s Royal Hall and Dubai Community Theatre.

You will find several museums in the city of dubai and many more museums are still underway. An opera house is being constructed on an island. You can also brush shoulders with some celebrities at the annual Dubai film festival.

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