The Burj Dubai

Making History in the Lap of Luxury

The yet to be completed Burj Dubai is aimed to be the world’s tallest skyscraper on completion. At Al-Burj Dubai you will not only be a part of history but can live in absolute luxury.

Within the last 30 years Dubai has completely transformed itself into an extremely developed city and is well on its way to proudly housing few of the world’s best things.

The Idea

You will be amazed to know the idea that has taken the form of Burj, Dubai. The design of the building is based on the desert flower Hymenocallis that is quite common in Dubai.

The structure of the flower is the guiding principle behind the design of this building. Besides, the architect Adrian Smith has attempted to imbibe the Muslim architectural effect in the construction.

Burj Dubai Burj Dubai Tower

Dimension, Pattern & Construction

The height of the world’s to-be tallest building is yet to be announced publicly to avoid competition. Nevertheless the figure revealed by some reliable source estimates it at 810 m height, which well above the height of the present tallest building Taipei 101.

Burj Dubai will have more than 150 stories. Along with the world you can witness its completion in the year 2008 and it is only then that these figures can be confirmed. The top tower will begin from the 156th floor and this will be a steel structure and not concrete.

The cross section will be gradually reduced as the building rises from its base. The core will appear near the top and will finally culminate in the formation of a spire. You will see that the elevator will also out beat the fastest elevator in the world at Taipei 101.

Aim and Facilities

This skyscraper has been aimed to be the house for the Burj Dubai Lake, several acres of park, numerous homes, residential buildings and hotels. The entire project will cover an area of 22 million square feet.

Previously the economy of Dubai was based on its oil resources. However, recent attempts have slowly shifted it service and tourism and this development is in confirmation of this aim. Burj Dubai will place the Dubai City in an extremely prestigious position.

Here you can enjoy its lounge, pools, healing arts options, shopping facilities, recreation area, best cuisine, gym, spas and saunas, library, Observation Platform, nightclub, Cigar Club, various other amenities and most importantly its homes.

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