Burj Al Arab Dubai
One of Its Kind

All About Burj Al Arab Dubai - If you are in Dubai and wish to indulge in a living style that simply spells luxury you ought to be at the Burj al Arab.

It is proclaimed to be the loftiest building that is used solely as a hotel. The hotel is located on a man-made island in the Persian Gulf. You can commute to the hotel with the help of a personal bridge only.

Burj Al Arab

You will notice that the shape of the hotel symbolizes the billowing sail of a dhow. The history of this hotel is not too old. It dates back to merely a decade and a couple of years from now.

The work on the construction of this hotel started in the year 1994 and it started functioning from 1st December 1999. It has come a long in this short duration and has become a major tourist attraction too.

Dimension - Burj Al Arab Dubai

Did you know that the height of this soaring tower is 1053 feet? I say tower because of its name. The Burj al-Arab is the Arabian for "Tower of the Arabs".

Burj Al Arab Dubai Burj Al Arab Luxury Suite

Here you will not find anything lower than a duplex suite and you will surprised to know that the smallest one 1819 square feet while the largest one is as huge as 8396 square feet. It boasts of the world’s highest atrium lobby, of 590 feet, that can house the entire Dubai World Trade Centre.

Burj al-Arab Dubai - Special Features

This famous hotel is a five star hotel but is considered to be a seven star hotel in dubai and if you have the money they have a suite for you. The rates of the Burj Al Arab accommodation can range between $1000 and $15000. You may be thrown off your balance to discover a helipad on top of the hotel.

You can dine at an elevated height of 200 meters at one of Burj Al Arab Dubai's restaurant, the Al Muntaha that overlooks the Persian Gulf. Alternately you can take a submarine ride and have a feast at the Al Muhara restaurant.

Burj Al Arab Dubai Burj Al Arab Al Muhara Restaurant

The outer illumination system changes from a medley of colors to a complete white every 30 minutes and sometimes you can even watch a lightshow.

From spas, kid’s club, shopping to a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce and a helicopter transit Burj al Arab Dubai has it all. You will marvel at the excellence of the facilities and service provided here.

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