Beautiful sun, sand and water that is what constitutes Beaches in Dubai City

Which is your Favourite Beach in Dubai?

Unique and strange combination of deserts and Beaches in Dubai city. One of the main reasons for tourist attraction in Dubai is the presence of attractive Dubai beaches. The presence of superb soft sand beaches and bright sunshine all the year round, are just perfect for relaxing, sun-bathing or lazing.

Dubai Beaches, like its deserts, are also striking and packed with fun and enjoyment.

Beaches in Dubai Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Dubai Beaches offers a wide variety of amusement and recreational facilities to its visitors. The merge of sun, sea and sand in the beaches in Dubai can be both enthralling and exciting at the same time.

If you want more activities to be enjoyed, you can also go for the watersports in the temperate waters of the Arabian Bay. The Dubai beaches are lined with palm trees which gives a charming look to the entire scenery. The sea is safe with no harmful creatures in it.

Jumeirah Beach, the main beach of Dubai, is a long beach which is divided by private clubs and hotels. You will feel the presence of a magical surrounding here due to the combination of warm waters of the Arabian Bay and the white sands. On the Deira side, you will also find another very popular beach at Al Mamzar Park and the facilities provided in this Dubai beach include barbecue sites, playgrounds, picnic areas for families and food stalls.

Since the winters in Dubai city are quite pleasing, beaches in Dubai during this season are occupied by the holidaymakers. Summer temperatures can rise up to 50° C along with high humidity. Some famous luxurious hotels are located in the Dubai beaches and by paying a small amount, you can relax or spend your leisure here.

You can enjoy numerous watersports like sailing, scuba diving, water-skiing and even windsurfing. And if you don’t know how to play any of this watersports, you can go for training at the watersports club located here in Dubai. In addition to this, you can also enjoy jet skiing, beach volleyball, paragliding or deep-sea fishing. The beaches in Dubai, with warm in summer, sparkling blue water, fine soft sand and a calm temperature in winter will surely fascinate your senses.

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