Basic salary - living in Dubai city

by Erwin Budihabsoro

I got one job offer in Dubai with 12000 AED for an architect & 3D visualizer, is it enough to living in Dubai & sent money home?

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Jun 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

What recruiters and travel agents do not tell you is that Dubai has debtors prison. Be careful of working or accepting employment in Dubai. If you acquire debt, which you mosT certainly will,and lose you job or your pay is reduced which is a strong possibility, you are subject to arrest and imprisonment. Also it is likely that your passport will be held by your employer, since changing jobs in Dubai is almost impossible. Dubai is not the working mecca that it once once, they are in debt and struggling, a 21st century country living in the dark ages. Essentially you will become a prisoner, kidnapped and held for ransom, hoping that a friend or relative will pay your debts.

Please consider the recent comments made by the head of HSBC bank in Dubai: HSBC profits reportedly dropped by 74 per cent in 2009. Recent comments by the head of HSBC in June that debtor's prisons are a proven means of recouping bad debts also created a stir among customers and critics.

In an interview with Arabian Business, HSBC head Abdul Fattah Sharaf said: "It has worked for us. People immediately get people to come and bail them out, and get the money in... [Historically] it did work. In most cases it did work."

Be careful and good luck.

Apr 30, 2010
Enough Money
by: Praveen


your pay will be more than enough to stay in dubai. congrats..


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